Buffet & Party Platters

If you’ve got a group of people coming round, we’re the people to come to for beautiful buffets!

Have you got a group that needs feeding? Do you need a delicious working breakfast or buffet lunch or a platter for a party or family event?  Don’t fear, Wentworth Patisserie is here!

We specialise in buffet platters with a wide range of fantastic food that will satisfy the most demanding and diverse groups of people. So if you have an office meeting or event, a celebration for birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, funeral or any occasion where you have a group of hungry people who need feeding then let us relieve you of the catering burden.

Buffet platters

Our range of delicious healthy and indulgent options includes freshly made sandwiches, rolls and wraps, hot savouries, snacks and nibbles, cake and fruit all perfectly presented on our large buffet platters that will delight and satisfy your hungriest friends and colleagues.  We supply a wide range of hot and cold drinks to accompany the food too. Take a look at our range below.

We make on the day and can deliver or have available for collection at a time to suit you. Special requirements available on request and all dietary preferences can be accommodated.

Please ensure you advise us in advance of any allergen or food intolerances. We make every effort to prepare food in accordance with food safety standards and to avoid cross contamination, however food with recognised allergens is prepared on the premises.

Just call us on 01344 844210 to discuss your requirements or pop into the shop.

Sandwich platter - Large £28 Small £23

Filled rolls

Filled Roll platter - Large £28 Small £23


Wrap platter - Large £31

Cocktail sausage platter - Large £28 Small £23

Quiche platter - Large £30 Small £25

Veg platter - Large £28 Small £23

Sausage Roll platter - Large £28 Small £23

Fruit platter - Large £38 Small £28

Pizza platter

Pizza platter - Large £33 Small £28

Chicken Wings platter

Chicken Wings platter - Large £38 Small £28

Cake platter - Large £33 Small £28

Danish pastry platter - Large £28 Small £23